kosmøs : Tim Tonak (bass, vocals), and Ben Tonak (vocals, guitar).

Kosmøs is brothers Ben & Tim Tonak, accompanied by a rotating cast of friends. Currently these friends include Nick Fiore (drums) and Rick Fuller (guitars). Originally from Wyoming, the brothers Tonak formed kosmøs in 2004.

With the first album Ways of Letting Go (2006), kosmøs began a series of explorations in constructing and deconstructing forms of attachment and preconception. Indeed, even from the first song of that initial album, "What It Is," kosmøs unintentionally turned a break-up record into rock existentialism.

Subsequent EP's The Bifurcation (2008) and Skeptics In Love (2010) continued the trend of exploring existential themes cloaked in rock songs about love and politics.

In 2012 the band released demos of two new songs "And Chaos" and "Another Life."

kosmøs concluded active band activity in 2013.