The Wheel

From the top we’re starting out, listen for the sound
we play unto the endless sea of voices whispering
that never stops for vacancies will swallow all belief
as if to drown it all away with all the words they say
and in the end we can pretend we knew


So tell me this is real
I’m asleep behind the wheel
can’t escape the thought
a long long way to go
and tell me I’m enough
for never waking up
from the dream we bought
a long long time ago

From the top we’re falling down, speeding toward the ground
we close our eyes and dream a dream of orange autumn leaves
who in their death paint everything a burning sunset sea
and as they are we all will be, floating on the breeze
and in the end, it’s all we can, can do


This is all we’ve ever known
getting by but so alone
buying into what is real
turning inside out of the wheel