Time Was Marching

Gonna move out to Reno and start up a jazz band
Maybe get married to a stripper and
Find what it means to be alive
Cuz it’s only one time if it’s only one life
You’ve gotta get it wrong if you’re gonna make it right
And learn how to live before you die

Defibrillate my broken heart
it never got me very far
I don’t remember when it stopped I don’t
Remember what it’s called but it feels like
Coming up for air
After sleeping for a year
And waking up to find that you’ve been
Standing still while time was marching

Gonna take it on the road and make it to the front page
Move in with a girl who’s only half my age
And learn how to dream with open eyes
If you want to learn to laugh then you’ve gotta learn to cry
You’ve gotta know the dark to appreciate the light
And see what the other side is like